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Mingan electronic cutting saw?

Good sawing effect

The cutting surface of the saw is flat, without chipping, the structure of the sawing car is reasonable, all accessories are machined, the cutting accuracy is guaranteed, the sawing host is mature and stable, and 3001 users witnessed it together!

Labor saving

The machine is easy to operate and can be operated by ordinary workers, saving the cost of asking the opener.

Simple maintenance

The machinery is mature and stable, and simple maintenance such as changing saw blades and belts will teach users during installation and debugging.

Fast cutting speed

Multi-plate sawing at the same time, the saw car's forward speed can reach 80m/mmin, the backward speed is 120m/min, closed-loop control system, while the saw car is moving backward, the manipulator has put the board in place, and the saw car keeps moving back and forth to ensure cutting effectiveness.

long lasting

The machine body has a solid and stable structure, all imported electrical, high hardness of the guide rail, non-sticky, durable, wear-resistant, no need to adjust the machine.

Advantages of circular rail

High hardness, wear resistance, non-sticking, non-sticking, the common choice of the electronic saw manufacturers inside and outside the circle.

Sawing precision

The most advanced and stable Japan, Panasinic (Panasonic) servo system, the only one that can automatically compare with the electronic ruler, the positioning accuracy is guaranteed to be +0.02mm, and the servo system has a fast response speed. It is 1.5 times the efficiency of a general electronic saw.

Good dustproof effect

The front and back of the pressure beam are equipped with dust-proof equipment, the saw blade will not fly when the saw car is running, and there are dust-collecting facilities up and down to make the workshop environment cleaner.

The most cost-effective

Good product quality-good sawing effect-high sawing efficiency-24 hours service-lowest price in the whole industry-your best choice.

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